When to Book Your Holiday Travel Flights

When to book holiday travel flights

It’s always nice getting together with friends or family for the holidays, but finding holiday airfare for a reasonable price isn’t always as enjoyable. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to boast some of the most expensive flight prices of the year, and booking too early or too late can mean paying more than you want to.

At our Newark Airport parking company, we have some insight for when to book your flights in order to pay the best price:

For Thanksgiving

According to travel site Hipmunk, the week of October 1st is the best time to book your flight for Thanksgiving. This suggestion reflects the fact that most domestic flights are cheapest when they’re booked around 52 days (or 7 1/2 weeks) out. The week of October 1st gives you around 7 1/2 until Thanksgiving, and you could save up to 23 percent on your flight.

Average flight price: $387

For Christmas

When it comes to Christmas travel, it’s rare you can apply the “7 1/2 weeks” theory. Christmas is one of the most popular holidays for travel, which means flights book up quickly and prices rise sooner than usual. Because of this, your best bet is to book your flight the week of October 15th. During this week, you could see up to 25 percent savings.

Average flight price: $357

For New Year’s Eve

There are two types of travelers around New Year’s Eve: those who are traveling somewhere to celebrate the holiday and those who are traveling back home after their Christmas trip. Because of this, there are many people who take to the skies at the end of December. Our Newark Airport parking staff members suggest booking your flight the last week of October or the first week of November. This should give you enough time to find a good price.

Average flight price: $357 

Travel Tips

No matter what holiday you’re flying for, be sure to check the flight prices early and often to know what price is a good deal. Once you find the right price, you’ll be able to book with confidence.

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