Save Money on Newark Airport Parking Rates

Newark Airport Parking Rates

It’s exciting to fly, but flying comes with its own set of challenges. Have you ever felt like you’ve already traveled a thousand miles and then realize you haven’t even left the airport yet? Whether you’re a seasoned corporate traveler, you’re traveling with your family, or you’re a solo traveler, Pink Elephant Long Term Parking can help you save on Newark Airport parking rates. Let us help you with the hassles of traveling, so you can have a more enjoyable experience.

Brand New EWR Parking Service

Are you ready to try something new? It’s our mission to reinvent the airport parking game at Pink Elephant Long Term Parking. We are a brand-new parking service located just minutes from the EWR that will help you avoid the crazy-high Newark Airport parking rates. Our low prices are better than you’ll find anywhere else, but don’t let that fool you. Our customer service will shave 10 to 30 minutes off your travel time, because we make parking with us faster and more convenient than parking on-site at the airport.

Faster and Easier EWR Parking

How is Pink Elephant Long Term Parking faster and easier? Using the latest high tech lets us offer you best-in-class customer service. We understand the pain points that are involved in traveling from Newark International Airport, because we have over 60 years of combined experience in the airport parking industry. That’s why we were inspired to create our own brand-new parking service that maximizes your convenience and creates a great value for you.

Making Airport Parking Better

When you park at Pink Elephant Long Term Parking, you’ll know what customer care with convenience feels like. You’ll experience safety, security, and convenience at a value price while saving money on Newark Airport parking rates. We are staffed 24 hours a day and provide convenient parking with bright lighting, fenced-in security and surveillance cameras to give you peace of mind. Are you ready to try something better? Then book a reservation today, and we’ll show you how airport parking can be better.