Newark Airport Terminals

Know What to Expect at Newark Airport

When you arrive at Pink Elephant Long Term Parking and park your car, our friendly drivers will help with loading your luggage on the shuttle. The shuttle will take you directly to the right terminal for your airline. The trip only takes a few minutes. When you return from your trip, just follow our easy instructions, and we’ll pick you up. We’ve put together a guide to the Newark Airport terminals here for you. You’ll probably want to arrive a little early to enjoy the airport before you depart on your flight.

Newark Airport What To Expect

All Newark Airport Terminals

All Newark Airport terminals have mobile phone charging stations, a pet relief area, restrooms and free Wi-Fi. You will also find currency exchange desks, information desks, and ATMs. Medical assistance is available; check with the information desk.

If you are hungry, there are a variety of restaurants available in each of the Newark Airport terminals. Remember, if you plan to take food on your flight, it’s usually easiest to purchase items after the security check due to restrictions on liquids. Customer service representatives in red jackets roam each of the three terminals. If you need assistance, just flag one of them down for help.

Terminal A

Terminal A only handles domestic flights. It has three lounges: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Concourse A1, United Club at Concourse A2, and American Airlines Admirals Club at Concourse A3. Multiple domestic airlines operate here.

Terminal B

Terminal B only handles international flights. Several foreign airlines, JetBlue flights to the Caribbean, Delta, Delta Connection, and United international flights operate here. This terminal has three concourses. It features a water bottle refilling station. If you are stressed, try the Relax & Recharge massage business located just before security. It is the only terminal at the airport that has meet and assist services.

Terminal C

Terminal C, with its three concourses, handles domestic and international flights. Only United and United Express flights operate here. There are United Clubs near gates 74, 102, and 120, as well as a United Polaris Club for business travelers. There is also an interfaith chapel located in Terminal C in the pre-security concourse. The United States Immigration office may be found here. You can find a nail salon inside the terminal.

We hope that you enjoy your trip from the nation’s oldest airport. Make an online reservation with Pink Elephant Long Term Parking today and enjoy a convenient parking experience.