Off-Site Parking vs. Newark Airport Parking

Off-Site Parking vs Newark Airport Parking

If you’re flying out of EWR, Newark Airport parking may seem like a good idea. However, there are benefits to choosing an off-site parking location instead.

Benefits to Off-Site Parking


When you park at Newark Airport, you only get a certain level of security. When you park off-site with a reputable company like Pink Elephant Long Term Parking, however, you can count on your car being safe. Remember, we are a self-park facility, so you keep the keys to your car with you. At our location, we offer a secure fencing system, surveillance cameras, security guards, and watchful staff members. Once you park your car, you can head to the airport with confidence, knowing that we’ll look after it.


While Newark Airport parking is convenient when it comes to location, it’s not always convenient when it comes to availability. Every day, thousands of travelers park at EWR, which means you’ll have to maneuver your way through cars and individuals to find an empty parking spot. Furthermore, an empty parking spot isn’t always guaranteed, and if you do find an empty parking spot, it could be one that’s far away from your terminal. When you reserve with Pink Elephant, you are guaranteed a parking spot. When you park, all you have to do is hop on one of our shuttles, and within minutes, you’ll be dropped off at your terminal.


Whether it’s long-term parking or short-term parking, the cost of leaving your car at Newark Airport can add up quickly. We know you’ve already spent enough on your vacation and the last thing you want to do is pay more than you should just to park your car. When you choose an off-site location like Pink Elephant, you’ll enjoy affordable daily rates no matter how long your trip. We work to make Newark Airport parking affordable for all types of travelers.

Skip the hassle of EWR parking and park with Pink Elephant instead. We will change the way you think about Newark Airport parking.