Delta and United Are Improving Their In-Flight Food Experience

Delta United In-flight Food

Let’s face it – airlines don’t have the best reputation when it comes to in-flight food (unless of course you fly first class). However, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines are both out to change that.

All New Food Options

Recently, Delta announced an overhaul of its Main Cabin food options. Beginning this month, the passenger dining experience will feature upgraded flatware, complimentary sparkling wine, and revamped menu cards that include all the details of what’s offered and when. When it comes to the meals, passengers can dine on the new appetizers and salads introduced last year as well as entrees like chicken picatta with spinach mushroom risotto, rosemary chicken with carrots, broccoli, and seasoned potatoes​, and a pasta duet of roasted vegetable ravioli with mushroom.

Delta is also making changes to its Delta One international flights. The airline is partnering with a variety of chefs from around the world to create a focus on regionally sourced cuisine. Two Los Angeles-based chefs will create menu offerings on flights from L.A. to Australia like Valdivia zucchini spaghetti, braised flank steak, and roasted chicken with a warm bacon vinaigrette, while chefs from China, Japan, and Korea will help create options that pay homage to their respective countries.

Updated United Airlines Menu

March also brings an overhaul to United Airlines’ menu selections with a “Farm to (Tray) Table” menu for the spring.

Passengers can enjoy snacks like Think Jerky made from grass-fed beef, an organic nut mix from, an updated cheese and crackers box, and a redesigned Classic Snack Box that features more “Americana” flavors. For breakfast and lunch, an updated Bistro on Board menu features a biscuit breakfast Sandwich with cage-free eggs, a mixed berry breakfast bowl, and a wheat berry salad with quinoa, edamame, and corn.

When it comes to dinner, the airline is focusing on flights between Canada and the U.S. It partnered with chefs in Canada to create authentic menu options inspired by the culture. Breakfast features a maple ham breakfast sandwich on a croissant while lunch and dinner feature a hummus sampler, a Forty Creek barbecue burger (with Forty Creek whiskey barbecue sauce), and a sun-dried tomato pesto chicken wrap.

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Whether you’re flying Delta or United, you can expect to see some positive changes to the menu approach and a more fresh, diverse set of food options. After you book your flight, don’t forget to make your Newark Airport parking reservation with Pink Elephant.