Benefits of Pink Elephant for AirTrain Parking

If you are catching the AirTrain out of Newark, you might be disheartened to hear there’s no dedicated parking lot for the AirTrain or Newark International Airport Train station. That leaves most travelers stuck paying the expensive onsite Newark Airport parking rates. However, travelers in the know have discovered the best AirTrain parking isn’t at EWR, it’s with Pink Elephant Long Term Parking! There are many benefits to choosing Pink Elephant Long Term Parking for your long or short-term parking needs. Let’s start with the basics.

Airtrain Parking Newark Airport

Affordable AirTrain Parking in Newark

Parking rates at EWR can really add up. You’ve spent a substantial amount on your travel plans already and paying the exorbitant rates at Newark Airport is the last thing you want to do. Pink Elephant Long Term Parking offers affordable daily parking rates, whether it’s for a day trip or a lengthier vacation.

Finding AirTrain parking at Newark Airport can be a nightmare. You circle around the lot hunting for a parking spot and end up racing to catch your train on time. You can eliminate this hassle by parking with us. Our offsite self-parking facility is close to EWR. Once you’ve parked your car at Pink Elephant Long Term Parking, you’ll hop on our shuttle and we’ll take you to your terminal at Newark Airport where you’ll have access to the AirTrain.

Our shuttles operate 24/7 and depart our lot every thirty minutes. Once you return from your trip all you need to do is follow our terminal pick up instructions, and we’ll have you back at your car in no time. Our shuttles are always circling EWR, so you never have long to wait. Why pay more for parking if you don’t have to? Pink Elephant Long Term Parking is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Secure Parking

Parking at Newark Airport isn’t always a safe option. When you park at Pink Elephant Long Term Parking, your car is in a fenced-in lot that is patrolled around the clock. We also have a high-tech surveillance system with dozens of cameras to keep your vehicle secure at all times.

Instead of paying outrageous rates at Newark Airport the next time you need to take the AirTrain, make a reservation with Pink Elephant Long Term Parking. It’s the safe, secure, and affordable way to park your car while traveling.