Affordable Parking Near Newark Airport

Parking at EWR is an expensive gamble. You never know if you will find a spot near your terminal, and the security for your car is minimal at best. Instead of risking your time and the safety of your car, try the affordable option for parking near Newark Airport, Pink Elephant Long Term Parking. Not only do we offer excellent parking rates, but our facility features state-of-the-art security and much more.

Affordable Parking Newark Airport

Secure Parking Near Newark Airport

The key to security is control, and not only do we have a secure parking lot, but we are one of the few parking lots near Newark Airport that allows you to park your own car and hang on to your keys. Our brand-new facility is state-of-the art, surrounded by sturdy fencing and is monitored by our high-tech video surveillance system. Making a reservation with Pink Elephant Long Term Parking is far safer than parking at EWR.

Convenient Parking Near EWR

Pink Elephant Long Term Parking offers much more convenience than parking near EWR. Instead of hunting for a parking space and ending up far from your terminal, park with us and forget the hassle. Our lot is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Included in your daily parking rate is the use of our shuttle, which leaves our lot every 30 minutes starting at the top of the hour. Our courteous drivers will drop you off at your terminal, and since we are mere minutes from Newark Airport, you won’t have to stress about making your flight on time.

Pink Elephant Long Term Parking is perfect for both long and short trips, making it a favorite parking lot for vacationers and business travelers alike. Make your reservation today!