Advantages to Parking at Pink Elephant Long Term Parking

Convenient and Affordable EWR Parking

Pink Elephant Long Term Parking supports your desire for a smooth travel experience with offsite airport parking. As an affordable source of EWR parking, we provide an efficient and flexible solution for short or long-term self parking. You can reserve a spot ahead of time through our online reservation system. We’re open 24 hours a day, and our location is a quick shuttle ride from the airport. Our staff is prepared to check you in quickly and load your luggage if you want help. You’ll never wait more than a few minutes for an airport shuttle because they depart from our lot every 30 minutes.

EWR Parking at its Finest

You’ll appreciate the security at our self-parking facility. The lot boasts a sturdy fenced and is brightly lit. A video surveillance system monitors the area, and a staff member is on duty at all times. When you park your vehicle, you’ll know that you’re in a safe and secure location. Your vehicle will be protected while you’re away on business or pleasure.

By choosing to self park with us, you gain complete control over your schedule. You won’t have to worry about missing a bus or waiting for a taxi. The EWR parking rates offered by Pink Elephant Long Term Parking represent a great value compared to the airport. You’ll save money while enjoying the convenience of having your own vehicle near the airport when you return to Newark. Have an electric car? We have you covered with two electric car charging stations. Explore the many advantages of choosing us for EWR parking compared to other travel options.

Advantages Over Buses

Riding a bus demands that you adhere to its schedule. Missing a bus could throw your travel plans into disarray, and you can’t count on someone to help with your luggage like we can.

Advantages Over Competition

Low rates, fast check-in and check-out, and excellent customer service define our customer experience. Our shuttles run four times an hour to ensure that you get to and from the airport with ease.

Advantages Over Hotels

Parking is not the main focus of the hotel business. A hotel lot lacks the level of security that we offer, and the airport shuttle service at a hotel might not work for your flight schedule.

Advantages Over Newark Airport

The airport charges the highest rates and has inconsistent customer support and security for people in the parking lot.

Advantages Over Taxis

Hoping that your taxi will pick you up on time is always a gamble, and cab fare adds up quickly. You also won’t have access to your personal vehicle when you fly back into Newark.

Reliable EWR Parking

Make a reservation today and find out why so many people choose to park at Pink Elephant Long Term Parking.