Advantages of Our Newark Airport Off-Site Parking

Newark Airport Off Site Parking

The Next Generation of Newark Airport Parking

It’s no secret that airport parking is less than ideal, especially at EWR. It’s also no secret that there are plenty of Newark Airport off site parking options that claim they can solve all your parking problems. Pink Elephant Long Term Parking is not here to make promises that we can’t keep, but we are here to tell you how we make your parking experience much easier with our modern technology and friendly customer service.

How Are We Different?

When you reserve a spot with other off site parking companies, you inch through a complicated process that may involve phone calls, texts, multiple emails, navigating confusing websites and more. After all of that work, you arrive at the facility only to find that you now have to sign too much paperwork and turn your keys over to someone who parks your vehicle out of sight.

At Pink Elephant Long Term Parking, you make a reservation in a few simple steps on our website and then come to our lot. You can quickly scan your reservation from your phone or from the copy you’ve printed and park your car in whichever spot you choose. It’s as simple as that! You get to keep your keys and your car stays in our safe and secure lot while you’re whisked directly to your terminal.

Pink Elephant Long Term Parking Has the Perks

Newark Airport off site parking is better than driving around EWR searching for an empty spot and hoping that nothing happens while you’re gone. We cater to the modern traveler by making things as easy as possible and rewarding you for choosing the best option. We also have security measures such as state of the art video surveillance, bright lighting, and fencing. What’s more, getting to the airport and back is no problem with our shuttle service and complimentary luggage handling that runs 24/7.

It’s all about making your trip a breeze so that you can hop on your plane and get ready for that big meeting or family vacation instead of worrying about where to park. We care about making sure you have the best value, and we want to prove it. If you are flying out of EWR and are looking for Newark Airport off site parking, let Pink Elephant Long Term Parking help you today!