3 Benefits of Off-Season Travel

Every destination has a peak travel season and an “off” travel season. While many travelers choose to explore a city or country during peak season, there are benefits to waiting until the off season instead. Here, our EWR Airport parking company shares some reasons to consider it:

Off-Season Travel

Lower Prices

People choose to travel during peak travel season for several reasons, including ideal weather or the most popular events. But because of this demand, it’s more expensive to travel during these times. When you wait to travel during the off season, you’ll not only find lower hotel rates, you’ll also find lower flight prices. This means you can enjoy the same experiences for much less and in turn, travel to more places.

Fewer Crowds

No matter the destination, our EWR Airport parking company knows peak season brings in lots of travelers. This means there will be more people trying to do the same things you want to do, from visiting a museum to viewing a landmark to attending a show and more. By traveling during off-season, you can avoid the touristy crowds and have more opportunities to yourself.

Unique Offerings

Some destinations actually offer unique opportunities during the off season that many travelers may not know about. For example, you can see migrating gray whales from November to March in Santa Barbara, California. Or in Fairbanks, Alaska, the Northern Lights are the brightest and most prominent during the winter. When planning where to go, do some research to see if there’s anything unique you can experience in the off season.

Where to Go During the Off Season

• Montreal

Though temperatures are usually in the 20s in Montreal during the winter, the city is stunning during the colder months and you’ll find rock-bottom prices for hotels. In addition, if you’re a fan of winter, you’ll find ice hockey, skiing, winter festivals, and cozy cafes and shops.

• Greece

While many people head to Greece during the summer, winter brings mild temperatures, a little rain, and plenty of sunshine. In addition, the Athens nightlife comes alive all year round and you’ll have the opportunity to do things like horseback riding and winter sailing.

• Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone’s peak season is during the summertime – in fact, more than 900,000 people visit in the month of July alone. During the winter, however, less than 150,000 head to the park, which means you can enjoy wildlife watching and geothermal wonders without all of the crowds.

• Ireland

While Ireland is chilly during the winter, temperatures don’t often drop below freezing, making the weather quite bearable. The wintertime is also a great time to go if you want to spend less on flights and enjoy more of an authentic, locals-influenced experience.

• Venice

Venice’s off season means drizzly weather, but the moisture also makes for beautiful, misty surroundings. Plus, with the city’s quaint cobblestone streets and variety of cozy restaurants, our EWR Airport parking company bets you’ll feel right at home in a quiet, romantic setting.